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ATI MPEG Video Encoder, Set encoding properties in code

Question asked by timk153 on Nov 21, 2014



I've been working on a project that requires video encoding. For practical purposes of the project I don't have a lot of choice in technologies being used and am forced to use DirectShow to encode video. I've been using the AMD Video Encoder DirectShow filter bundled with Catalyst Control Center. So far I have been very happy that my application does what it needs to do, however the bitrate of the encoding at the default settings is far too low for my purposes.


I've done a fair bit of research (being new to DirectShow and from a .NET background), I was hoping the encoder might implement the "ICodecAPI" or even the older "IEncoder" standard DirectShow interfaces to allow me to configure the encoding parameters. However it doesn't appear to! I've looked at the Media SDK documentation which talks about the AMF C++ interfaces and Media Foundation MFTs. Unfortunately I could not find any direct reference to the "ATI MPEG Video Encoder" or DirectShow (I'd assume because of its age) in the documentation.


Is there anywhere I can find documentation on Interfaces exposed by the ATI MPEG Video Encoder so I can set encoding properties programmatically?


In this instance it is not practical to display the property pages and have the user select encoding parameters as this is an automated system where user interaction is not possible.


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