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RLEJPEG-Sample-Files dosn't work on my PC which has AMD graphic card.

Question asked by soo on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by pinform

hello. i'm beginner of develope AMD codes.


So, I downloaded sample files on AMD's Developer site, which is RLDJPEG-Sample-Files.


This source codes is build success and can get result of codes in my notebook. It only has nvidia geforce and intel graphic cards.




In another PC, this source can build, but when i execute this result was not successfully finish like next picture.



I found where is error, clBuildProgram() api returns -43.  From this, can't pass the codes.


Would you please tell me why?



And my and other question is where is JPEG decoding point this sample project?


I'm so confused of this project.


Please help me.




ps. this project makes out files.

On of this is "".

How can i open this?

I tried to open this with RAW File viewer. But that viewer can't open.


Thank you.