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Trace message from acml_fftw

Question asked by mhx on Nov 16, 2014

I see a trace message echoed to the xterminal console when executing

code that uses FFT calls:


Try: .DETAILS   ( -- )

     .CONSTANTS ( n -- )


FORTH> 10 .constants [2014-11-16 23:20:01.467430] [0x000007f7bbcc6f74] [trace]   acml_fftw_plan_dft_r2c_1d (double)


Is this by design (acml_fftw does not support some calls and forwards them to fftw3, putting up a notice) or is it simply an error?


This is with Ubuntu 14.04, ACML 6.0 installed in /opt/gfortran64/lib/ on a Linux partition.

The calling program is run from a Windows partition that is mounted r/w but not exec.