Feedback discussion: How is AMD doing for developers?

Discussion created by jtrudeau on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by bsp2020

My goal is to ensure that you as a software developer:

  • Get what you need to develop code for AMD platforms
  • Know where to find it


Use this thread to provide feedback to AMD developer outreach.  I am very interested in

  • Kudos - what you think we're doing well
  • Complaints - what you think we are not doing well
  • Suggestions - what new ideas or approaches might help


You can start independent threads if you want, but it's handy if all the ideas are in one place. You can provide me feedback or ideas about:


I will try to respond to any suggestion within 1 business day, but you know, I do take time off occasionally. So I won't promise. I do promise to listen. And thanks in advance for the feedback.