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    Call function counts




      I'm a new user of CodeXL and I would like to know if there is a way to count function calls in CodeXL.

      I don't want the CPU time usage of my program's functions but only the number of times they are called.






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          Hi Thomas,

          The short answer to your question is that CodeXL CPU Profiler cannot provide a function call count.

          The long answer is below.

          The CodeXL CPU Profiler uses a sampling methodology to gather application data. Therefore, the profiler does not track the calling of functions. Instead the profiler logs what function is executed at a given point in time when a sample is collected or when a specific CPU event occurs (such as cache miss, etc.). Function call events are not logged by the profiler, therefore it cannot report their count.


          Incidentally, if the function call you'd like to count is an OpenCL or OpenGL API function, the CodeXL debugger can provide its calls count in its Statistics view.