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Very slow drawing / filling of ellipses  (GDI+ and Direct2D) on YUV422 surfaces.

Question asked by on Oct 28, 2014

Using GDI+, the Graphics.DrawEllipse and Graphics.FillEllipse functions are currently taking ~100ms using the latest Catalyst driver in Vista and newer operating systems.  These same function calls take ~1ms using the latest driver on Windows XP.  This was tested using a Radeon 5450 and a R7 240, and there was little difference between the two.

I also refactored the drawing code to use Direct2D, and the equivalent DrawEllipse and FillEllipse functions still took in excess of 30ms.

Stock Intel graphics and nVidia graphics are not having this issue.

This application is an older application, initially released in 2008.  This issue was first noticed this year, when we started upgrading the application for Win 7+ support.