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    Completely wrong results of sgemm & dgemm with ACML 6.0.6 on Intel CPUs?


      Hello everybody,


      while trying to check the performance of my computer's GPU (Pitcairn)

      I noticed that even when submitting the calculation to host cpu as default

      results in completely wrong results of sgemm & dgemm.


      The system consists of an Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPU and an AMD/ATI FirePro W7000 card,

      running an Ubuntu 14.04.


      The test-setup consists of two 1500 x 1500 matrices, initialized element-wise to a random value between 0 and 1.

      The destination matrix was once calculated 'by-hand, and once by a dgemm call.


      The maximum absolute element-wise difference between 'by-hand' and dgemm was

      Difference: 4158414.672035371885

      using acml- The result is clearly wrong.


      Just to see that the acml6 did send it to the host cpu (ACML_LOG_FILTER=1):

      GemmThreshold: transa( N ), transb( N ), m( 1500 ), n( 1500 ), k( 1500 ), alpha.real( 1 ), alpha.imag( 0 ), lda( 1500 ), ldb( 1500 ), beta.real( 0 ), beta.imag( 0 ), ldc( 1500 ), prec( d ), usegpu( 0 )



      Whereas linking the same binary with acml-5.3.1/gfortran64 you get the

      roughly expected difference of

      Difference:   0.000000020023



      For checking and reference, the small test program is attached.

      Here the test-case is only in double-precision, but the same

      happens with single precision.


      Has anybody noticed this before?