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VCE2: wrong SPS/PPS headers

Question asked by vladimir on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by pinform

We are integrating VCE that in MediaSDK 1.1 beta, the one based on AMFCreateComponent API.

Here is my code to create encoder (according with simpleEncode sample code):

AMF_ERROR( AMFCreateComponent(m_pContext, AMFVideoEncoderVCE_AVC, &m_pEncoder) );
// Usage is preset that will set many parameters
AMF_ERROR( PushParamsToPropertyStorage(&params, ParamEncoderUsage, m_pEncoder) );
// override some usage parameters
AMF_ERROR( PushParamsToPropertyStorage(&params, ParamEncoderStatic, m_pEncoder) );
AMF_ERROR( m_pEncoder->Init(amf::AMF_SURFACE_NV12, pParams->width, pParams->height) );
AMF_ERROR( PushParamsToPropertyStorage(&params, ParamEncoderDynamic, m_pEncoder) );


and then I make following call to get SPS/PPS headers:

AMF_ERROR( m_pEncoder->GetProperty(AMF_VIDEO_ENCODER_EXTRADATA, &extradata) );


But received SPS/PPS is wrong. So resulting mp4 file can not be played by Windows Media Player. But first frame contains proper SPS/PPS. I tried to use hex editor and change mp4 headers with SPS/PPS from first frame and Windows Media Player plays this file fine. Can you please guide me what I did wrong?


Next I will try to do is to apply ParamEncoderDynamic parameters before m_pEncoder->Init call (just swap these lines). But the above code is from sample in media SDK. And I even tried to set parameters according with config file and do not set any parameter at all (just use all default) - same result. But I do not think this will help. Seems there some bug in encoder.


We can also work around this - by encoding 1 frame, read result, get SPS/PPS and reinitialize encoder. But we looking for proper solution.