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    Grayed out "other" in Hottest display


      When profiling my code, I get a grayed out "other" category displaying in the Hottest Functions and Hottest Modules. What does this represent? Why does it show up? Is there any way I can turn this "other" into something useful?


      At first I thought it may have been kernel space code, but it still appears when I enable kernel space profiling.


      I'm concerned about this "other" category because it is obtaining a large number of samples during the profile.




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          Hi thomaseding,

          Some of the samples accounted for the in the "Other" category were probably sampled from system modules, i.e. anything under the Windows system folder.

          To include the details of system modules in the display, click the "System Modules Hidden" link above the 5 Hottest Functions table, and use the Display Filter dialog to enable the display of system modules.

          To get a complete detailed breakdown of the distribution of samples among functions click the "Functions" node in the explorer tree on the left.

          Hope this helps,