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"No Source Available" when trying to debug OpenCL kernel with CodeXL

Question asked by zoomzoom on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by zoomzoom

I am trying to debug an OpenCL kernel using CodeXL from within Visual Studio 2012. I set a breakpoint at clEnqueueNDRangeKernel and hit F11. The result is a new tab being opened which is labeled "No Source Available". It also says: The current thread is not currently running code or the call stack could not be obtained".


However in CodeXL Properties window I can see information about the kernel I'm trying to debug: Kernel Function Name, # of Arguments, Arguments Information.


Debugging the application from CodeXL, (no Visual Studio), shows a similar problem. In the CodeXL Explorer window, I can see all the kernels listed under OpenCL Programs, OpenCL Program 1, but trying to get into the kernel does not work. If I double click on the kernel name, a new window gets opened labeled "CL Context 1 Kernel 4 -....", but it is empty, no code.


How can I make it work?


Is there an CodeXL log file that I could check to see why it can't open and display the kernel code?


Where does CodeXL look for the OpenCL code?


I have also tried CodeXL from within Visual Studio with the Matrix Multiplication sample from AMD APP SDK and I could step in inside the kernel.


Here are a few details about the project:

- Visual Studio solution with several projects

- The main project statically links with a lib file generated by another project inside the solution. This second project is the one containing the OpenCL code

- There is one single OpenCL source file

- The OpenCL source file is not included in the project; I have tried adding it, but nothing changed

- The OpenCL program is created with clCreateProgramWithSource

- clBuildProgram is called with the options string being empty, ""


Version information:

- CodeXL version 1.5.6571.0

- AMD APP SDK 2.9-1

- AMD FirePro W5100

- Driver Date 5/20/2014

- Driver Version 13.352.1009.0