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Why i can't record?

Question asked by splash on Oct 5, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by amit.agarwal

Well Yeah the title is kinda confusing but let me try to clarify this.


Using the app to record games i can record

GTA SAN ANDREAS, BF3, GTA 4(those are the only games that i've tested)
But there's an app or mod whatevr to play gta san andreas online which is Multi theft Auto. The problem is when i record Multi theft Auto and i go to see the video the video is just green and i cant see anything. When trying the original GTA SA i can see my gameplay and same with bf3 and gta 4. I don't know if this problem just occurs with Multi theft Auto but i want to know how i can record well without getting green screen in my video. Some of my friends record that game with shadowplay and the game looks nice so it looks that this problem is only with this app please help.( I can make a video if you guys want )