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    CodeXL Incompatible with Visual Studio 2010 :(


      I used to use CodeAnalyst.  Decided to give CodeXL a go.  After installation Visual Studio 2010 SP1 was sluggish, often taking seconds to respond to keypresses.  Every time you closed VS it would crash and restart.  I never even got around to trying the profiler.  I uninstalled CodeXL and VS started working perfectly again.  The plugins I run are


      Project Line Counter

      Visual Assist X

      Productivity Power Tools


      The only thing I can think of that is unusual about how I use VS is that I have 8 instances running most of the time.

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          Hi Secretlair,

          In order to narrow down the issue, can you please clarify the following:

          - Does VS10 crashes on closing or sluggish if you run only one or two instances?

          - In all the 8 instances of VS, different solution files are loaded?

          - What is the OS and bitness you are using?

          - what is the version of CodeXL you are using? is it 1.5?



          Kalyan P

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              I reinstalled CodeXL this morning briefly to answer your questions.


              VS crashes on close (with a minidump and windows error reporting dialog) even with only a single instance running.  I did not notice Visual Studio running slowly in the few minutes I had CodeXL installed today.  I tried with just one solution and with all 8.  It may take longer for the slowdown to build.  When I was using it before, the slowdown was very significant.


              7 have different solutions of one project each, one has a solution with all the other projects inside it.  There are no warnings about files being locked by other instances of visual studio.


              Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64-bit.