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Disassemble an OpenCL 2.0 kernel with CodeXLAnalyser

Question asked by ekondis on Oct 5, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by delifaz

I have tried disassembling a simple OpenCL 2.0 kernel (just as an example of work_group_reduce_min function) but it fails though I pass the "-cl-std=CL2.0" option with "--OpenCLoption -cl-std=CL2.0":






AMD Catalyst detected, version 14.41

Compiling device: Bonaire... Succeeded!

Error: Failed getting the disassembly for kernel: kop on device: Bonaire.

Assertion failure (Assertion failure (rc && (_hOpenGLRC != __null))) ~osOpenGLRenderContext /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-1.5-Linux/release/CodeXL/1.5/CommonProjects/AMDTOSWrappers/src/linux/osOpenGLRenderContext.cpp line: 95

: Resource temporarily unavailable


It OpenCL 2.0 not supported by CodeXL yet?