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Maintain Aspect Ratio

Question asked by cazlig on Oct 4, 2014

I installed the latest Drivers for my Graphics card as well as for the Catalyst Control Centre. After I installed it, my computer's aspect ratio went from 1024x768 4:3 to 1024x768 16:9 (stretched), when i went to set it to maintain aspect ratio and clicked apply, it acted like it worked, but i stayed stretched, no matter what I did, restarted my computer, uninstalled cataclyst, tried to go to past versions of cataclyst (but when i tried that it said the 64 bit version wasn't compatible because i was not on 32 bit). Nothing worked. Another thing i noticed is that everytime i disable GPU up-scaling, whenever i hit apply, it automatically renabled it.


If anyone could help me fix this problem, ive searched around a bit but saw no one else with the porblem, all i need is my AMD cataclyst to maintain aspect ratio instead of scaling image to full panel no matter what option i have selected


Gyazo - 0766d2c596237846fae3756bf211d22b.png


That is what i have it selected to, but it still acts like it is on scale image to full panel.


Thank You