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Different performance on fglrx 13.25-30 and 14.20(14.10 and all since 13.35 also)

Question asked by maestrodan on Sep 29, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by maestrodan

Hello, I have a laptop Lenovo IdeaPad G505, AMD A6-5200 and AMD Radeon HD8570 1Gb

There is problem with performance on fglrx driver version 13.30 and higer.

On 13.25-13.30, for example, I have up to 1500fps in glxgears on integrated HD8400 GPU, and up to 3000fps on Radeon HD8570

But when I install fglrx 13.35 and higer (14.20 now) i have only up to 900fps on HD8400 and up to 1700fps on HD8570, it's quite bad...

And it's strange that when my laptop was switched in bios to use only integrated GPU, it's use sometimes hd8400 and takes 1500fps, sometimes hd8570 and get 3000fps, and it's from same glxgears test.