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      if I have 4 local groups, each consisting of 256 work-items. How would it be possible for me to copy all of 1024 work-items' data into a private float array of [1024]? Plus, is it possible to create group of groups? Thank you

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          Hi Waqasm86,


          Could you clarify what you mean by copying the data from 1024 work-items into a private float array?  In OpenCL, private memory cannot be seen by other work-items.  By definition, private memory is private to a work-item.  You can use local memory to share results between work-items, but that would only work for work-items within the same group.  Perhaps, you could change the size of the work group to 1024 work-items and use local memory if your GPU supports that?


          You can't create a 'group of groups', however you can launch your kernel with two or three dimensions which will allow you to have X * Y or X * Y * Z work-groups respectively.