GPU PerfStudio 3 is now live on AMD Developer Central

Discussion created by Lonesled Employee on Sep 9, 2014

GPU PerfStudio 3 is now live on AMD Developer Central at:




New Features
                Adds Linux Server support
                Adds OpenGL 4.3 Support
                Calls between glBegin & glEnd are now collapsed to a single entry.
                Adds support for separate shader objects in GL
                An installer version can now be downloaded as well as the original zip file download
Bug Fixes
                Many stability enhancements for titles running on DirectX 11 and OpenGL


OpenGL Fixes   
                Fix for Shader Editor not saving changes
                Accurate blend state reporting
                Fixed color picker for GL_DEPTH textures
                Fix for crash when viewing VAO
                Issue with glReadPixels/glDrawPixels and buffer sizes
                Fix for missing HUD data in GL applications


DX11 Fixes
               Added additional messaging for unsupported texture types in the color picker
                Improved support for UpdateSubresource
                Fix for incorrect color and texture format text display in the color picker