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    Missing licensing information and/or sourcecode




      trying to package the AMD HSA Runtime.


      First impression: Where's the sourcecode? The repositories on GitHub only contain random binaries.

      (e.g. HSAFoundation/HSA-Drivers-Linux-AMD · GitHub and HSAFoundation/HSA-Runtime-AMD · GitHub )

      I'd strongly prefer some sourcecode that can be properly audited and packaged ... but ok, this is an early Alpha, I'll be patient


      Big problem:


      The HSA-Drivers-Linux repository has either incomplete licensing information for the "libhsakmt.so.1" file, or is possibly a GPL violation.


      The only licensing info is the "LICENSE" file which only has the GPL2 needed for the kernel.


      The HSA-Runtime-AMD repository claims BSD 2-clause. Intuitively I'd assume that this should also apply to libhsakmt.so.1, but I'd strongly prefer an explicit license statement so that any doubt and misinterpretation is removed.

      And sourcecode! Please

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          Hi dreeevil;


          Runtime code is currently binary-only, but we are working on releasing source code as well. The runtime binary also includes the "finalizer" (a JIT compiler going from HSAIL to hardware instructions). I expect the runtime source code will go public first (we're aiming for shortly after Beta), with finalizer source code coming later. We may end up separating the runtime and finalizer into different binaries to facilitate this.


          The libhsakmt code is AMD-authored and X11-licensed. Sample source code is available at the link below, although IIRC this matches the kernel driver code we are working to get upstream rather than the libhsakmt binary posted on github.


          ~gabbayo/libhsakmt - This repository contains AMD's userspace library which accompanies amdkfd


          Thanks for catching this - we'll need to update the github repo contents to make libhsakmt licensing more clear. BTW I don't think releasing the code under a GPL license automatically translates to a GPL violation, since the code is AMD-authored.


          At your convenience you could email me (first name . last name at amd.com) -- we weren't planning on putting out source code for early releases of userspace code but if it helps a lot with packaging maybe we could revisit that, resources permitting.

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            We included more detailed license information in the 1.0 release a month or so ago, making it clear that :


            - Linux kernel images are licensed under Linus's tweaked GPL v2

            - libhsakmt is licensed under X11

            - firmware images are licensed under the same binary license we use for firmware files in Alex's repo:




            Thanks for catching the ambiguity in earlier releases. Let us know if any issues/questions remain.