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Windows 7 Won't Detect 2nd GPU

Question asked by kellhound1 on Aug 30, 2014

I have a reference 295x2 and an XFX 290x Black.  My MOBO is the x79-up4 with an i7 4930k.  My power supply is the Lepa 1600w.  My CPU is water cooled via the Swiftech H220x.


I was having issues with Windows 7; it was repeatedly shutting down under stress.  I had to replace my CPU cooler, which brought down the temps to norms--I assumed that was causing the shut downs.  Windows boot got corrupted, so I had to reinstall Windows 7.  However, after the fresh install, only my 295x2 shows up in Catalyst.  There's no option for Crossfire.  Under device manager, the 2nd gpu has a caution symbol next to it which states that there are insufficient resources for the hardware.


Both GPU's are in their respective PCI-e 16x slots.  Both are on their own rails.


Both cards power up.  The XFX logo on the 290x is powered on, and the two fans are running as well.  I've reseated the card and reinstalled the drivers numerous times but only the 295x2 is recognized in Catalyst.


I could use some help and would appreciate anyone's insight.  I don't know if the motherboard is bad or if it's the PSU.