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    CodeXLAnalyzer core dump


      I have a kernel which causes opencl to core dump inside libamdocl64.so.  It was causing my program to crash so I narrowed down the problem to the compile step, and down to a single line.  I've reproduced this issue in a simple kernel:


      typedef struct test_struct test_t;

      typedef __global test_t * test_p;

      struct test_struct {

          test_p next;



      typedef struct btest_struct btest_t;

      struct btest_struct {

          size_t sz;

          test_p dt[];



      __kernel void compilerCoreDump(__global const int* in, int n) {

          int i = get_global_id(0);

          if (i >= n)


          int val = in[i];


          btest_t btt;

          test_p tp = btt.dt[val]; // <-- Compile core dump



      I'm aware that the code above is nonsense - the actual usage is more complex but the (compile) result is the same.  I assume that the compiler should be reporting an error instead of core dumping, so I have two questions:

      1. What am I doing wrong and what can I do to work around the problem?
      2. Is there a fix in the pipe (or already released) for this?


      My versions:

      • Ubuntu 14.04
      • /opt/AMD/CodeXL_1.4.5728/CodeXLAnalyzer --asic Hawaii  --versionCodeXL KernelAnalyzer CLI Version 1,4,5728,0 OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1411.4)
      • fglrx-updates: 13.350.1  kernel-3.13.0-34-generic-x86_64





      Core Dump stack trace (bottom bit):

      #28 0x00007ffff1d47fc4 in aclCompile () from /usr/lib/fglrx/libamdocl64.so

      #29 0x00007ffff159ec8e in ?? () from /usr/lib/fglrx/libamdocl64.so

      #30 0x00007ffff1559365 in ?? () from /usr/lib/fglrx/libamdocl64.so

      #31 0x00007ffff156dd1c in ?? () from /usr/lib/fglrx/libamdocl64.so

      #32 0x00007ffff154e12d in clBuildProgram () from /usr/lib/fglrx/libamdocl64.so

      #33 0x00007ffff7b9e762 in beProgramBuilderOpenCL::BuildOpenCLProgramWrapper (this=<optimized out>, status=@0x7fffffffd0f8: 6780480, program=<optimized out>,

          num_devices=<optimized out>, device_list=<optimized out>, options=<optimized out>, pfn_notify=0x0, user_data=0x0)

          at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.4/release/CodeXL/1.4/CommonProjects/AMDTBackEnd/src/beProgramBuilderOpenCL.cpp:1674

      #34 0x00007ffff7ba41b4 in beProgramBuilderOpenCL::CompileOpenCLInternal (this=0x6417a0, programSource=..., oclOptions=..., requestedDeviceId=0x677640,

          program=@0x7fffffffda18: 0xdd3990, definesAndOptions=..., iCompilationNo=0, errString=...)

          at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.4/release/CodeXL/1.4/CommonProjects/AMDTBackEnd/src/beProgramBuilderOpenCL.cpp:1377

      #35 0x00007ffff7ba6604 in beProgramBuilderOpenCL::Compile (this=0x6417a0, programSource=..., oclOptions=..., pSourcePath=<optimized out>)

          at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.4/release/CodeXL/1.4/CommonProjects/AMDTBackEnd/src/beProgramBuilderOpenCL.cpp:1297

      #36 0x000000000041a632 in kcCLICommanderCL::Compile (this=<optimized out>, config=...)

          at Components/KernelAnalyzer/AMDTKernelAnalyzerCLI/src/kcCLICommanderCL.cpp:111

      #37 0x000000000041a80a in kcCLICommanderCL::RunCompileCommands (this=0x641710, config=..., callback=<optimized out>)

          at Components/KernelAnalyzer/AMDTKernelAnalyzerCLI/src/kcCLICommanderCL.cpp:361

      #38 0x000000000040c2bc in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=0x7fffffffded8) at Components/KernelAnalyzer/AMDTKernelAnalyzerCLI/src/kcMain.cpp:78

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          Additional notes:

          1. In the declaration: test_p dt[0] is the same, however test_p dt[1] compiles successfully.
          2. Even without the pointer math the compiler crashes: void ** vpp = btt.dt; (I would expect a compiler warning or error)
          3. Even without casting, the compiler crashes: test_p * tpp = btt.dt;



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              struct btest_struct {

                  size_t sz;

                  test_p dt[];


              As per OpenCL 1.2 spec, inside the kernel code variable length arrays and structures with flexible (or unsized) arrays are not supported. [see chapter 6.9 Restrictions]. So, you need to supply size of the array at compile time.


              Now, regarding the compiler crashing, I found the same problem for above kernel code with driver 14.30 (but on Windows 7) using both CodeXL and VSC++. I may need to submit a internal bug report for this issue (thanks for reporting). But it worked fine when size of the array "test_p dt[]" was set.

              To test the points 2 and 3 under your additional notes, I added the following lines to the end of the kernel code and tried to compile. It worked fine for both CodeXL and VSC++.

              void ** vpp = btt.dt;

              test_p * tpp = btt.dt;

              So, my suggestion is please check with the latest driver and let us know your findings.



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                  Hi Dipak,


                  Thanks for your response.  I will note one slight error with your response.  While the spec does not allow for an array with no specified size, it doesn't disallow a size of 0 which also fails.  I suppose that could be a choice - the AMD compiler could choose to fail on a size of 0 (since that usually means 'variable').  I do find that this part of the spec makes for slightly more messy code when the actual size of the structure is variable.