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IL support for FirePro W9100

Question asked by nnsan on Aug 26, 2014
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I understand CAL/IL is not officially supported anymore in recent OpenCL SDKs.

However, If I link my old CAL/IL programs with an old version of ATI Stream SDK,

I can still run my code on Cayman and Tahiti GPUs even with a latest device driver.

I would like to test my CAL/IL programs on the new FirePro W9100 with fglrx 13.35.5 [Jun 22 2014]

but it immediately crash.


On Tahiti (Radeon 7970), the CAL/IL program works fine with fglrx 14.10.2 [May  5 2014].

I used ati-stream-sdk-v2.3 for linking the program.


Is CAL/IL completely not supported on a Hawaii GPU?