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    AMD Crossfire don't work


      I have a Laptop alienwere M18x R2


      Core I7 3630QM 2.40Ghz 4 cores CPU is 3.40Ghz cause of turbo

      GPU 7970M Crossfire

      Ram 32GB 1600Mhz

      windows 8.1 64 bit

      when I play it says GPU 1 usage 99%

      GPU 2 usage 0%

      this Photo from Gmod

      hl2_2014_08_25_16_36_11_186 (2).png

      this one from Outlast

      Screenshot (8).png

      I want to know why the usage is 0 on GPU 2 and core speed of 300Mhz and memory speed of 150Mhz on it plz plz help me