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AMD Playback Decoder MFT problem

Question asked by carpe608 on Aug 22, 2014
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We are having problem rendering our own created VC-1 material with the hardware AMD Playback Decoder MFT. The playback/rendering actually works well if we explicitly choose the Microsoft provided MFT, WMVideo Decoder MFT together with DXVA.

Other media players:


  • Windows Media Player chooses the AMD Playback Decoder MFT by default and therefore displaying the same corrupted image as our renderer.
  • VLC renders it correctly (do not know what it uses for rendering)


Our material is recorded with the sink writer provided by Media Foundation were the encoded samples comes from a PCI-express VC-1 hardware encoder card. We create the IMFMediaType used by the sink writer from settings read from the PCI-express VC-1 encoder card. We suspect that there is something missing in the MF_MT_USER_DATA of our IMFMediaType but we can’t figure out what’s missing. 

  • Does anybody know how to solve this?
  • Is there any application were you can verify the WMV (VC-1) header.
  • What requirement does the hardware AMD Playback Decoder MFT have on the IMFMediaType?


Here’s a link to a movie recorded by our application:

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Carl Persskog