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Disappointing real-time performance OpenCL and HSA

Question asked by klopwa on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by kknox

Hi All,


We have build an test application where we use OpenCL in combination with an AMD A10-7850K APU. The platform is Linux based and the uses a Ubuntu 11.04 distribution with an Xenomai 2.6 patch. The test application implements an FFT of an single 2D 256x256 matrix, the FFT is implemented using the clAmfFFT library. However the average execution time for the FFT lies around the 900 us (CLFFT_REAL, CLFFT_HERMITIAN_INTERLEAVED), approximately the same  as for an Intel i7-4820K using the FFTW library. As such we are wondering if others have experience with performance numbers for a FFT implementation on a AMD A10-7850K APU or comparable platform? And if the achieved performance can be improved or better values can be obtained? Also we are experiencing jitter on the results of up to 10ms, does any of you have experience with reducing this number for the described platform. For an similar Intel based platform we achive jitter values down to 10 us.


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