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printf doesn't work for first group

Question asked by et@et3d on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by kphillisjr

I'm running a kernel with the following code:


printf("glid=%d,%d; grid=%d,%d; lid=%d,%d; lsize=%d,%d\n",
get_global_id(0), get_global_id(1), get_group_id(0), get_group_id(1),
get_local_id(0), get_local_id(1), get_local_size(0), get_local_size(1));


When running with global work size 16x16 and local work size 8x8 I get the following output:


Using platform vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

glid=8,0; grid=1,0;     lid=0,0; lsize=8,8

glid=9,0; grid=1,0;     lid=1,0; lsize=8,8

glid=10,0; grid=1,0;    lid=2,0; lsize=8,8

glid=11,0; grid=1,0;    lid=3,0; lsize=8,8

glid=12,0; grid=1,0;    lid=4,0; lsize=8,8

glid=13,0; grid=1,0;    lid=5,0; lsize=8,8

glid=14,0; grid=1,0;    lid=6,0; lsize=8,8

glid=15,0; grid=1,0;    lid=7,0; lsize=8,8

glid=8,1; grid=1,0;     lid=0,1; lsize=8,8

glid=9,1; grid=1,0;     lid=1,1; lsize=8,8

glid=10,1; grid=1,0;    lid=2,1; lsize=8,8

glid=11,1; grid=1,0;    lid=3,1; lsize=8,8

glid=12,1; grid=1,0;    lid=4,1; lsize=8,8

glid=13,1; grid=1,0;    lid=5,1; lsize=8,8

glid=14,1; grid=1,0;    lid=6,1; lsize=8,8

glid=15,1; grid=1,0;    lid=7,1; lsize=8,8

glid=8,2; grid=1,0;     lid=0,2; lsize=8,8

glid=9,2; grid=1,0;     lid=1,2; lsize=8,8

glid=10,2; grid=1,0;    lid=2,2; lsize=8,8

glid=11,2; grid=1,0;    lid=3,2; lsize=8,8

glid=12,2; grid=1,0;    lid=4,2; lsize=8,8

glid=13,2; grid=1,0;    lid=5,2; lsize=8,8

glid=14,2; grid=1,0;    lid=6,2; lsize=8,8

glid=15,2; grid=1,0;    lid=7,2; lsize=8,8

glid=8,3; grid=1,0;     lid=0,3; lsize=8,8

glid=9,3; grid=1,0;     lid=1,3; lsize=8,8

glid=10,3; grid=1,0;    lid=2,3; lsize=8,8

glid=11,3; grid=1,0;    lid=3,3; lsize=8,8

glid=12,3; grid=1,0;    lid=4,3; lsize=8,8

glid=13,3; grid=1,0;    lid=5,3; lsize=8,8

glid=14,3; grid=1,0;    lid=6,3; lsize=8,8

glid=15,3; grid=1,0;    lid=7,3; lsize=8,8

glid=8,4; grid=1,0;     lid=0,4; lsize=8,8

glid=9,4; grid=1,0;     lid=1,4; lsize=8,8

glid=10,4; grid=1,0;    lid=2,4; lsize=8,8

glid=11,4; grid=1,0;    lid=3,4; lsize=8,8

glid=12,4; grid=1,0;    lid=4,4; lsize=8,8

glid=13,4; grid=1,0;    lid=5,4; lsize=8,8

glid=14,4; grid=1,0;    lid=6,4; lsize=8,8

glid=15,4; grid=1,0;    lid=7,4; lsize=8,8

glid=8,5; grid=1,0;     lid=0,5; lsize=8,8

glid=9,5; grid=1,0;     lid=1,5; lsize=8,8

glid=10,5; grid=1,0;    lid=2,5; lsize=8,8

glid=11,5; grid=1,0;    lid=3,5; lsize=8,8

glid=12,5; grid=1,0;    lid=4,5; lsize=8,8

glid=13,5; grid=1,0;    lid=5,5; lsize=8,8

glid=14,5; grid=1,0;    lid=6,5; lsize=8,8

glid=15,5; grid=1,0;    lid=7,5; lsize=8,8

glid=8,6; grid=1,0;     lid=0,6; lsize=8,8

glid=9,6; grid=1,0;     lid=1,6; lsize=8,8

glid=10,6; grid=1,0;    lid=2,6; lsize=8,8

glid=11,6; grid=1,0;    lid=3,6; lsize=8,8

glid=12,6; grid=1,0;    lid=4,6; lsize=8,8

glid=13,6; grid=1,0;    lid=5,6; lsize=8,8

glid=14,6; grid=1,0;    lid=6,6; lsize=8,8

glid=15,6; grid=1,0;    lid=7,6; lsize=8,8

glid=8,7; grid=1,0;     lid=0,7; lsize=8,8

glid=9,7; grid=1,0;     lid=1,7; lsize=8,8

glid=10,7; grid=1,0;    lid=2,7; lsize=8,8

glid=11,7; grid=1,0;    lid=3,7; lsize=8,8

glid=12,7; grid=1,0;    lid=4,7; lsize=8,8

glid=13,7; grid=1,0;    lid=5,7; lsize=8,8

glid=14,7; grid=1,0;    lid=6,7; lsize=8,8

glid=15,7; grid=1,0;    lid=7,7; lsize=8,8

glid=0,8; grid=0,1;     lid=0,0; lsize=8,8

glid=1,8; grid=0,1;     lid=1,0; lsize=8,8

glid=2,8; grid=0,1;     lid=2,0; lsize=8,8

glid=3,8; grid=0,1;     lid=3,0; lsize=8,8

glid=4,8; grid=0,1;     lid=4,0; lsize=8,8

glid=5,8; grid=0,1;     lid=5,0; lsize=8,8

glid=6,8; grid=0,1;     lid=6,0; lsize=8,8

glid=7,8; grid=0,1;     lid=7,0; lsize=8,8

glid=0,9; grid=0,1;     lid=0,1; lsize=8,8

glid=1,9; grid=0,1;     lid=1,1; lsize=8,8

glid=2,9; grid=0,1;     lid=2,1; lsize=8,8

glid=3,9; grid=0,1;     lid=3,1; lsize=8,8

glid=4,9; grid=0,1;     lid=4,1; lsize=8,8

glid=5,9; grid=0,1;     lid=5,1; lsize=8,8

glid=6,9; grid=0,1;     lid=6,1; lsize=8,8

glid=7,9; grid=0,1;     lid=7,1; lsize=8,8

glid=0,10; grid=0,1;    lid=0,2; lsize=8,8

glid=1,10; grid=0,1;    lid=1,2; lsize=8,8

glid=2,10; grid=0,1;    lid=2,2; lsize=8,8

glid=3,10; grid=0,1;    lid=3,2; lsize=8,8

glid=4,10; grid=0,1;    lid=4,2; lsize=8,8

glid=5,10; grid=0,1;    lid=5,2; lsize=8,8

glid=6,10; grid=0,1;    lid=6,2; lsize=8,8

glid=7,10; grid=0,1;    lid=7,2; lsize=8,8

glid=0,11; grid=0,1;    lid=0,3; lsize=8,8

glid=1,11; grid=0,1;    lid=1,3; lsize=8,8

glid=2,11; grid=0,1;    lid=2,3; lsize=8,8

glid=3,11; grid=0,1;    lid=3,3; lsize=8,8

glid=4,11; grid=0,1;    lid=4,3; lsize=8,8

glid=5,11; grid=0,1;    lid=5,3; lsize=8,8

glid=6,11; grid=0,1;    lid=6,3; lsize=8,8

glid=7,11; grid=0,1;    lid=7,3; lsize=8,8

glid=0,12; grid=0,1;    lid=0,4; lsize=8,8

glid=1,12; grid=0,1;    lid=1,4; lsize=8,8

glid=2,12; grid=0,1;    lid=2,4; lsize=8,8

glid=3,12; grid=0,1;    lid=3,4; lsize=8,8

glid=4,12; grid=0,1;    lid=4,4; lsize=8,8

glid=5,12; grid=0,1;    lid=5,4; lsize=8,8

glid=6,12; grid=0,1;    lid=6,4; lsize=8,8

glid=7,12; grid=0,1;    lid=7,4; lsize=8,8

glid=0,13; grid=0,1;    lid=0,5; lsize=8,8

glid=1,13; grid=0,1;    lid=1,5; lsize=8,8

glid=2,13; grid=0,1;    lid=2,5; lsize=8,8

glid=3,13; grid=0,1;    lid=3,5; lsize=8,8

glid=4,13; grid=0,1;    lid=4,5; lsize=8,8

glid=5,13; grid=0,1;    lid=5,5; lsize=8,8

glid=6,13; grid=0,1;    lid=6,5; lsize=8,8

glid=7,13; grid=0,1;    lid=7,5; lsize=8,8

glid=0,14; grid=0,1;    lid=0,6; lsize=8,8

glid=1,14; grid=0,1;    lid=1,6; lsize=8,8

glid=2,14; grid=0,1;    lid=2,6; lsize=8,8

glid=3,14; grid=0,1;    lid=3,6; lsize=8,8

glid=4,14; grid=0,1;    lid=4,6; lsize=8,8

glid=5,14; grid=0,1;    lid=5,6; lsize=8,8

glid=6,14; grid=0,1;    lid=6,6; lsize=8,8

glid=7,14; grid=0,1;    lid=7,6; lsize=8,8

glid=0,15; grid=0,1;    lid=0,7; lsize=8,8

glid=1,15; grid=0,1;    lid=1,7; lsize=8,8

glid=2,15; grid=0,1;    lid=2,7; lsize=8,8

glid=3,15; grid=0,1;    lid=3,7; lsize=8,8

glid=4,15; grid=0,1;    lid=4,7; lsize=8,8

glid=5,15; grid=0,1;    lid=5,7; lsize=8,8

glid=6,15; grid=0,1;    lid=6,7; lsize=8,8

glid=7,15; grid=0,1;    lid=7,7; lsize=8,8

glid=8,8; grid=1,1;     lid=0,0; lsize=8,8

glid=9,8; grid=1,1;     lid=1,0; lsize=8,8

glid=10,8; grid=1,1;    lid=2,0; lsize=8,8

glid=11,8; grid=1,1;    lid=3,0; lsize=8,8

glid=12,8; grid=1,1;    lid=4,0; lsize=8,8

glid=13,8; grid=1,1;    lid=5,0; lsize=8,8

glid=14,8; grid=1,1;    lid=6,0; lsize=8,8

glid=15,8; grid=1,1;    lid=7,0; lsize=8,8

glid=8,9; grid=1,1;     lid=0,1; lsize=8,8

glid=9,9; grid=1,1;     lid=1,1; lsize=8,8

glid=10,9; grid=1,1;    lid=2,1; lsize=8,8

glid=11,9; grid=1,1;    lid=3,1; lsize=8,8

glid=12,9; grid=1,1;    lid=4,1; lsize=8,8

glid=13,9; grid=1,1;    lid=5,1; lsize=8,8

glid=14,9; grid=1,1;    lid=6,1; lsize=8,8

glid=15,9; grid=1,1;    lid=7,1; lsize=8,8

glid=8,10; grid=1,1;    lid=0,2; lsize=8,8

glid=9,10; grid=1,1;    lid=1,2; lsize=8,8

glid=10,10; grid=1,1;   lid=2,2; lsize=8,8

glid=11,10; grid=1,1;   lid=3,2; lsize=8,8

glid=12,10; grid=1,1;   lid=4,2; lsize=8,8

glid=13,10; grid=1,1;   lid=5,2; lsize=8,8

glid=14,10; grid=1,1;   lid=6,2; lsize=8,8

glid=15,10; grid=1,1;   lid=7,2; lsize=8,8

glid=8,11; grid=1,1;    lid=0,3; lsize=8,8

glid=9,11; grid=1,1;    lid=1,3; lsize=8,8

glid=10,11; grid=1,1;   lid=2,3; lsize=8,8

glid=11,11; grid=1,1;   lid=3,3; lsize=8,8

glid=12,11; grid=1,1;   lid=4,3; lsize=8,8

glid=13,11; grid=1,1;   lid=5,3; lsize=8,8

glid=14,11; grid=1,1;   lid=6,3; lsize=8,8

glid=15,11; grid=1,1;   lid=7,3; lsize=8,8

glid=8,12; grid=1,1;    lid=0,4; lsize=8,8

glid=9,12; grid=1,1;    lid=1,4; lsize=8,8

glid=10,12; grid=1,1;   lid=2,4; lsize=8,8

glid=11,12; grid=1,1;   lid=3,4; lsize=8,8

glid=12,12; grid=1,1;   lid=4,4; lsize=8,8

glid=13,12; grid=1,1;   lid=5,4; lsize=8,8

glid=14,12; grid=1,1;   lid=6,4; lsize=8,8

glid=15,12; grid=1,1;   lid=7,4; lsize=8,8

glid=8,13; grid=1,1;    lid=0,5; lsize=8,8

glid=9,13; grid=1,1;    lid=1,5; lsize=8,8

glid=10,13; grid=1,1;   lid=2,5; lsize=8,8

glid=11,13; grid=1,1;   lid=3,5; lsize=8,8

glid=12,13; grid=1,1;   lid=4,5; lsize=8,8

glid=13,13; grid=1,1;   lid=5,5; lsize=8,8

glid=14,13; grid=1,1;   lid=6,5; lsize=8,8

glid=15,13; grid=1,1;   lid=7,5; lsize=8,8

glid=8,14; grid=1,1;    lid=0,6; lsize=8,8

glid=9,14; grid=1,1;    lid=1,6; lsize=8,8

glid=10,14; grid=1,1;   lid=2,6; lsize=8,8

glid=11,14; grid=1,1;   lid=3,6; lsize=8,8

glid=12,14; grid=1,1;   lid=4,6; lsize=8,8

glid=13,14; grid=1,1;   lid=5,6; lsize=8,8

glid=14,14; grid=1,1;   lid=6,6; lsize=8,8

glid=15,14; grid=1,1;   lid=7,6; lsize=8,8

glid=8,15; grid=1,1;    lid=0,7; lsize=8,8

glid=9,15; grid=1,1;    lid=1,7; lsize=8,8

glid=10,15; grid=1,1;   lid=2,7; lsize=8,8

glid=11,15; grid=1,1;   lid=3,7; lsize=8,8

glid=12,15; grid=1,1;   lid=4,7; lsize=8,8

glid=13,15; grid=1,1;   lid=5,7; lsize=8,8

glid=14,15; grid=1,1;   lid=6,7; lsize=8,8

glid=15,15; grid=1,1;   lid=7,7; lsize=8,8


(This is a simplified kernel. The full one also does stuff, and it does work for the first work group, it just doesn't print anything.)


I'm using Catalyst 14.7 beta on Windows 7 and a Radeon R9 280.