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    AMD Catalyst: Issues with Garry's Mod


      I have a strange problem with Garry's Mod.

      There's a delay between my mouse/keyboard movement and the real movement in-game.


      I can fix this problem on other Source Games with the gl_finish command, but Garry's Mod doesn't offer support for it.


      How I can force the GPU to sync with the CPU?


      I don't have this problem with integrated MESA drivers provived by X.Org.


      Ubuntu 14.04.1 x64

      Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

      AMD Radeon HD 5450

      4 GB RAM

      640 GB HDD

      AMD Catalyst 14.4

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          Do you have access to windows? If so, a bit more details on the system would be useful.


          1. How much memory is built into your video card? This information is available under the catalyst control center under linux ( run the amdcccle command from the console ), and look at the "Information" subsection to find this out.
          2. Can you provide a copy of the config file for the games?
          3. Can you provide a copy of the output from the script bundled with the catalyst driver? To be exact, the script that provides extra details is called "atigetsysteminfo.sh". This script changes locations depending on how you installed the driver, and if you happened to install the driver using the package manager the path to this script is...
          4. Have you tried the latest beta version of the Catalyst driver yet?
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              My GPU has 512 MB of RAM, but I have this issue with an R7 260X too.


              Anyway I uninstalled Ubuntu, because FGLRX destroyed the kernel file, IDK how.


              And yes, I already tried the beta driver, even an old driver, nothing changes.


              Now I reformatted the HDD and I reinstalled Windows over Ubuntu, thanks anyway for your help.