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    Could not debug kernel error Teapot sample


      Kaveri APU

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      VisualStudio 2012 professional

      AMD APP SDK v2.9

      CodeXL v1.4 (complete installation)


      1. Load Teapot Sample

      2. Execute sample

      3. Pause

      4. Set a breakpoint into the kernel, e.g. line 130

      5. Resume/re-run sample


      Error message: Could not debug kernel. Error during kernel debugging.


      Issue does not occur under similar environment when using FirePro V3900 dGPU


      Attached codexl logs and driver version

        • Re: Could not debug kernel error Teapot sample

          Hi fanwar,

          Your screenshot shows you're using Catalyst 14.20. CodeXL 1.4 supports OpenCL driver up to and including 14.10, but driver 14.20 is not supported.

          Driver support for newer Catalyst releases will be added in the soon-to-be-released CodeXL 1.5, however due to various reasons driver 14.20 will never be supported by CodeXL.

          So, your options are:

          • Downgrade to an earlier driver release (14.10 or earlier),
          • or wait a few weeks for CodeXL 1.5 and upgrade to a driver release later than 14.20.

          Hope this helps,