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    Can't get active OpenGL API in PerfStudio



           I've been trying to get PerfStudio to work because I'm learning about OpenGL and believe it would be a valuable tool, but I've struggled to get it to work.

      I've connected it successfully to Direct3D applications, but when I try to connect it to one of my OpenGL applications the API selection box only says "OpenGL was loaded". There is no option to select an API.

      I'm using freeglut for the windowing and I create an OpenGL 4.2 context. My suspicion is that freeglut has something to do with it, but I could of course be wrong.

      I would appreciate any leads on how I might be able to fix this, but if not I can continue reasonably well without PerfStudio.



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          Your application needs to call SwapBuffers() in order for GPU PerfStudio to recognize it display it in the API selection box. Some simple applications just render the frame once and sit in a do-nothing loop. I'm not sure what freeglut does under the hood so you'll have to take a look.


          To make sure GPU PerfStudio is working for you, find some benchmarks on the internet and try those, for example, the GPUTest or Heaven benchmarks.


          hope this helps,