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    ACML 6.0.5 is released


      Hi all~


      We have made a point release of ACML available today, fixing several bugs that have been reported here in the forums.  This point release replaces the older 6.0.4 release, and can be found in the download table.

      ACML - Release Notes - version 6.0.5 release


      ** Added threading locks to protect lua stacks in multi-threaded applications. Fixes

        inverse matrix bug found in Octave

      ** Adding thread safety to the logic that loads dependent dlls


      ** Added missing general rank basic interfaces from FFTW library

      ** Doc update for the FFTW api addition

      ** Improved the performance of FFTW interfaces with the use of new OpenCL buffer

        creation flags


      ** Changing memalloc_choice to 3 instead of 1 in GEMM, TRSM, TRMM Lua files

        With the normal default flags copying buffers with the non-copy rect API, it

        was possible to read from invalid memory.


      ** Fixed build to exclude the cmakelists.txt file and .svn directory in resources directory


      ** When opencl support is checked, the library loading logic now

        makes sure that acml_bridge can also load.  This fixes an issue

        on systems with Nvidia cards installed, because their runtime

        only support OpenCL 1.1, and acml_bridge is built with opencl 1.2.  Now,

        if acml_bridge fails to load, ACML will fall back to host processing.


      ** Bumped libacml version to 6.0.5