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    W600 3x3 video wall



      I tried to setup a 3x3 video wall using w600. I used 3 startech MSTMDP123DP mini display port to display port splitters to split 3 of the w600 ports in to 6 display and tried to use rest of the 3 ports directly. Unfortunately catalyst center only allows me to add up to 6 panels. Based on the w600 datasheet each port on the grpahics cards support upto 4096 x 2160 resolution, therefor it should technically support 3840x2160 without any issues (two 1080p displays on the same port). Therefor I believe w600 only limited to 6 panels is because of a software limitation.Please feel free to correct me, Is there any way I can take out that limitation?



      Thank you

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          you have a fix limit of 6 displays that you can connect to a GPU. This limit is not a software limit but the max number of displays supported by the display engine.

          You are right that each output can support up to 4096x2160. If you connect a splitter to an output the splitter itself is seen as a single display by the GPU. In your case you can connect 2 1080p monitors but the GPU will see a single monitor that has a resolution of 3840x1080. Using the splitter you should be able to enable 6 displays. 3 of them will run at 3840x1080 and the other 3 at 1920x1080. This should work in an extended desktop configuration.

          You will not be able to use this to create a display group. A display group requires to have all outputs to run at the same resolution which is not the case.



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              Thanks for the information, now it all make sense.

              I was able to make 3x3 video wall using the exact same setup you mentioned, but couldn't figure out why eyefinity single display didn't work. Thanks to you, now i know why. If anyone else trying to figure out how to make 3x3 video wall using W600 below is my setup

              W600 Graphic Card

              3x Matrox triplehead2go digital se

              9x 1080p panels


              connect 2 panels to each triplehead2go.

              connect all 3 triplehead2go to your w600 and connect rest of the panels directly to w600

              fire up the beast





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                  Hi. I would like to recreate this setup. I have a few questions for you.


                  What adapters did you use on the W600 outputs? (Passive/Active)

                  Did you connect the W600 outputs to DP or HDMI inputs on the Displays?

                  Did you have any issues with HDCP Content playback?