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    Detecting GCN, list of chips?



      I'm having quite some hard time obtaining data about which chips use which architecture. So far, I'm relying on the CL_DEVICE_VENDOR_ID and CL_DEVICE_NAME. I see all chip names in CodeXL (which I assume to be matching CL_DEVICE_NAME) but I would also like to categorize them by GCN version and from google, it seems Hainan and Oland are GCN1.1, yet still on Southern Islands.

      I'd also need to know which chips are discrete and which are mobile.

      Why isn't this in the AMD APP under the "Device Parameters" section?

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          Thanks for your suggestion. I agree with your point. I'll forward this point to concern team and hope "Device Parameters" section in future APP programming guide may include more details about the devices such as architecture, type etc.



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              Thank you, let me elaborate on my needs so we all get on the same mindset.


              1. I have been informed my kernel doesn't work on pre-GCN devices producing garbage. It is unclear if I want to fix that but in the meanwhile, I need to detect those with 100% accuracy. The idea of running a complete test just to match the architecture seems a bit overkill.
              2. In the future, I might add more architecture-specific kernels when this buys me extra performance. It is therefore critical the information must be readily available... the rebranding thing didn't help but it's not really relevant as I assume the device strings are the same, it's just that I've lost track of the various market segments...


              So for example, I know Kaveri and Kabini are GCN... I take for granted Llano was not GCN... I don't remember about Trinity and I'm unsure about Richland. Please see if you can add those notes as well. I'm really interested in APUs but the marketing makes it difficult for me.