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    How to set ATI MPEG Video Encoder Properties?


      Hi, I'm application developers.

      I set RADEON R280X to my pc, and install Catalyst 14.4.

      Open the GraphEdit, I saw ATI MPEG Video Encoder.

      Connect Filter Graph, Change Codec Properties MPEG2 to H.264, and so on.

      and my C++ project AddFilterByCLSID(CLSID_ATI_MPEG_VIDEO_ENCODER) functions retrun S_OK.

      but I don't know how to set ATI MPEG Video Encoder Properties.

      help me set properties interface using directshow.


      ps. I try to using VCE, but failed.

      AddFilterByCLSID(CLSID_AMD_H264_HW_EncoderMFT) return E_NOINTERFACE.

      AddFilterByCLSID(CLSID_MS_H264_EncoderMFT) return E_NOINTERFACE.

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          it seems like the MPEG video encodre you are trying to use is a software encoder.  Do you want to set its properties using DirectShow or using MFT?


          To your question regarding VCE for H.264:

          You need to have the H.264 encoder.  To check which H.264 encoder is installed on your system, you can use the free tool, DXVA checker.

          In DirectShow/Media Foundation Decoder, selet DSF/MFT Viewer, then select Media Foundation, and verify that you see the following item:

          AMD H.264 Hardware MFT Encoder.