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GPGPU on Dual Graphics config?

Question asked by chrishennick on Jul 30, 2014

Is any research being done, or out there in the literature, on using APU+GPU combos (Dual Graphics eligible or otherwise) for OpenCL apps? I'd like to compare notes with someone on what GNU/Linux distros and desktop environments can and can't be used on one. All the ones I've tried with my A10-7850K + R7 240 either have soft-lockup issues (e.g. Bug #1338159 “Soft lockup” : Bugs : Linux Mint) or don't properly support the UEFI BIOS. I've checked all the "usual suspects" hardware-wise (voltages, temperatures, cabling, new PSU etc.), and I've also tried replacing the default open-source Radeon driver with Catalyst in the one case where I could even get that far.


The reason I'm asking about GPGPU specifically, even though my current problem isn't specific to it, is so that I'll have an idea who to go to with future questions as well.