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glCompressedTexImage2D returns GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY

Question asked by iiicaryp on Jul 25, 2014

Hi guys,


Recently I am testing firepro W9100 and it has 16G memory. But when I tried to load bunches of textures (each with 16384x8192 but compressed with GL_COMPRESSED_RGB_S3TC_DXT1_EXT),

it failed when it meets about 1.7G.


I've checked the max texture size, which is 16384x16384. So the texture size I sent in should be okay. The weird thing is that the first 1.7G textures did show up and the rest of them didn't.


Also I found a thread(glReadPixels out of memory?) stating the internal memory buffer on the gpu may be the cause of the GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY. Would making the texture size 8192x8192 a safer way to render?


Any help or hints are much appreciated!