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Problem with w600 on 6 screen

Question asked by tkyau on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by bobwhitecotton

Hello guys,


I really need help here. Currently i have a Dell T5500 install with w600 card. I want to project 6 Orion MIS4220 display. The connection is via DVI port. When i connect the first port to the first screen i can set the resolution to 1200 X 800. When plug in the second screen i can set the second screen resolution to 1200X800 also. When i plug in the third screen the resolution is fix to 640 X 480 which i cannot change anymore. If i power the pc with 3 screen together all 3 screen will be 640 X 480 resolution. Can anyone help me on this? OS is using windows 7 32 bit.