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Eyefinity multiple monitors major lag.

Question asked by slay666 on Jul 15, 2014



We develop a multi-monitor project that is using 5 monitors and we are suffering a major FPS LAG. Our FPS rate is very very low (like 15 fps average) and goes from 5 to 30 during game time.


If we run our game in only one screen that emulate all 5 monitors, we got 80 fps average.



We are using Unity 3D. It's a really basic 3D games in a really small map, so there are not a lot of ressource needed.


- 3 HDMI 50 inches tv screens (LG) (all 1920 X 1080)

- 1 touchescreen HP 22 inches (1920 X 1080)

- 1 FeelWorld 9 inches monitor (900 X 720)

all connected through a Display port to HDMI Active from the company


We had one visionTek 7870 and thought that we needed more power so we bought another VisionTek 7870 with Crossfire. Crossfire doesn't improve our framerate at all but is working!


Do you have any idea? Should I change the Displayport to HDMI converter? Is it normal to have such a bad frame rate when you are using 5 screens? Is it the PowerSupply that is not strong enough? If it helps, we have a modular one.


I don't think it's the fault of the PC, we have a I7, 16 gigs rams and a SSD.


Thanks for your help,