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    OpenGL 3.3 Geometry Shader High Memory Consumption


      Hi there.


      I try it again, because the problem still remains.


      When I use the gs, the memory consumption grows by an unknown factor.



      As you can see in the images, CodeXL in the first image shows a memory usage of 600 MB. ProcessExplorer in the second image shows a memory consumption of 1.3 GB, where it started at 250 MB at the blue arrow. So that is about 1 GB for my app according to PE.


      So why does the GS need so much memory? 400 MB in this case.

      Every time I use the GS, I can see this behavior.


      So is it possible to get a comment about this issue?




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          This memory problem is very annoying to be perfectly honest. And you know what is the funny thing about it, it only appears on my AMD graphics card. I do not have the same problem on my nVidia Card. And I am absolutely sure that it is because of the geometry shader. Because, if I do not use the GS, that "memory leak" does not happen.


          I really want to know why the AMD driver(?) allocates that much amount of memory if a GS is used?


          Maybe because AMD doesn't like the GS and AMD wants the people to use OpenCL instead?


          I would really appreciate an answer, because this is a real problem for me and the game I am currently making.