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W600 vs. (3x) 2270

Question asked by aldero on Jul 10, 2014
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We are planing a large video wall with 6 video projectors at 720p = 1280 x 720. In idle mode the wall will act as a single entity and will display a huge image with some animations. In the "interactive" mode, the users will interact with only one section (one of the beamers) of the wall. This means that the solution needs to behave at some moments as a whole and at some moments as fractions. (if necessary we would split the whole into 6 pieces with our own software solution)


At the first glance the W600 looked as the perfect solution. However, we are also thinking about a solution with 3x FirePro 2270 (1GB). We suppose that 3 GPUs and more RAM will deliver a better performance.


I have some questions:


- Does the GPU / driver of the 2270 also support edge blending? -> Would it be possible to blend edges of two different 2270s?

- If we use the W600 we would need to decompress 6 videos in parallel. I guess that the best solution is to do all this work with the CPU? Would it be better to limit the number of videos to 4 with our software?


What are your thoughts on this? Which would be the best solution for this application W600 or 3x2270?


Thanks in advance.