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10 Bit Problem in 14.6 RC2

Question asked by krautmaster on Jul 3, 2014

Hi there, just got a new LG34UM95-P display and im facing a strange problem with the 10 bit support on my AMD HD6950.


In 50p mode on the native resolution of 3440x1440 pixels, the CCC switches automatically to 10 bit color mode - any how, i cant set it to 10 bit when using the standard 60p / hz on that monitor.

Same is for lower resolutions, some switching directly to 10 bit, some not.


Is there a reason for (like the HD6950 beeing to old to provide 10bit in that resolution over DP1.2)? As far as I know, the option came within the last year to the non-FirePro cards which is quite awesome but maybe only to defined resolutions and refreshrates (whyever). Please analyse the problem and bring a fix in the near future.