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Black screen on windows boot

Question asked by krone on Jun 28, 2014

Hi AMD. I dont know if my Graphic card is dead, but recently my screen just turns black without any warnings. I have tried to boot my pc in safe mode and the problem doenst appear. So I guess it had to be something with the driver on my graphic card. But I tried to uninstall it and i can use my computer on a normal boot. But when i want to re-download the driver and install it. my pc needs a reboot to take the driver in action, but then the same black screen up apon windows logon screen appears again. ive tried to do a system recovery back a few days and reinstall windows but the problem still appears. So im out of ideas what the problem could be.

Anyone tried or having the same problem?


Graphic card AMD Readon HD 6950 tried with both drivers 14.4 and beta 14.6


Best Regards Krone