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    render target content diff in Function Calls History?


      glIntercept has this nice feature, where for each draw call it puts an image of the content of the currently active render target before and after the draw call, as well as a diff, into the log file. Does CodeXL have something similar for the html log? It helps tremendously to find the draw call in the log that went wrong if you can see how the framebuffer content changed.

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          Hi nilsk,


          CodeXL does not currently have such a feature - though it does supply a "Draw Step" command to allow stepping to each draw command in order and thus viewing each command's changes (it is the third button in the CodeXL execution toolbar, after "Go" and "Frame Step").


          Such a feature will probably need to be an opt-in selection, as doing this dump constantly will probably gravely lower rendering performance.


          Your feature request has been added to our "user wish list" and will be considered for future CodeXL versions.


          Thanks for sharing your idea / request,