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AMD Crossfire 6970 driver bug (EV:4101)

Question asked by flash on Jun 24, 2014



I get constant crashes using any driver, even the latest ones on my pc whilst gaming.

The most stable driver i can use is 13.12.

v 14,4 will give me constant hard lock-ups in games requiring me to hard re-set my pc. It is not a heat issue as i have verified my temps on both cards are within normal limits. There is no overclocking.

Done memtests on each ram module overnight, tried different power supply, re-installed OS, tried many different things to resolve the issue.



i5 2500 (stock)

16gb ddr3

Asrock z77 E4M motherboard

Antec 700W PSU

2x HIS HD 6970 video identical cards

Windows 8 pro 64bit


Attached Dxdiag & SS of error 4101


I have tried disabling Aero in Win8. So far in a few days have not had one crash, it could be a coincidence but if someone could verify a bug relating to Crossfire/AMD drivers/Windows 8 and Aero desktop whilst gaming please.