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    HSA Beta Driver Environmental Setup


      Hi I've setup a windows 8.1 workstation running the HSA developer beta driver preview with an AMD Kaveri A10-7850K with 32 GB of RAM and ran into some issues.


      Using the 3 recommended memory allocations (the new(), svm fine grained system and svm fine grained buffer memory allocation calls) in the SVM sample code, my system started becoming unstable (display going blank, BSOD) after I tried allocating 1GB of memory a few times. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Although I understand that it's a beta driver, it seems rather odd that the userspace code is able to bring down the whole system.


      The documentation did suggest increasing the heap allocation by the following environmental variable - HSA_NC_HEAP_SIZE_64B from the default of 4GB. However I am unable to locate the syntax for the environmental variable value.

      What would be the value of the environmental variable?

      1) 'xGB' , where x is the desired size of the heap in GB,

      2) y , where y is the desired size of the Heap in GB, or

      3) z , where z is the desired size of the Heap in bytes.


      Thank you in advance

      Zhong Liang ONG