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How to use AMD Display Library (ADL) Overdrive State Set fuction (for overclocking programatically)

Question asked by basit on Jun 24, 2014

I'm using AMD Display Library


The SDK comes with a Sample-Managed code and I was able to get the required result (Core and Memory clock speeds) from ADL_Overdrive6_StateInfo_Get method.

Using the ADL_Overdrive6_State_Set method (which has the same parameters) returns an error code:


int od_result = ADL.ADL_Overdrive6_State_Set(OSAdapterInfoData.ADLAdapterInfo[i].AdapterIndex, ADL.ADL_OD6_SETSTATE_PERFORMANCE, stateInfoBuffer);

-8 ADL_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED (Function not supported by the driver.)


I've tested it on a system with AMD Radeon R9 280x / AMD Radeon HD 7970

Do I need to change something in the driver settings and is there a compatibility issue ?


This is the same question that in stackoverflow first