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    How to use AMD Display Library (ADL) Overdrive State Set fuction (for overclocking programatically)


      I'm using AMD Display Library


      The SDK comes with a Sample-Managed code and I was able to get the required result (Core and Memory clock speeds) from ADL_Overdrive6_StateInfo_Get method.

      Using the ADL_Overdrive6_State_Set method (which has the same parameters) returns an error code:


      int od_result = ADL.ADL_Overdrive6_State_Set(OSAdapterInfoData.ADLAdapterInfo[i].AdapterIndex, ADL.ADL_OD6_SETSTATE_PERFORMANCE, stateInfoBuffer);

      -8 ADL_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED (Function not supported by the driver.)


      I've tested it on a system with AMD Radeon R9 280x / AMD Radeon HD 7970

      Do I need to change something in the driver settings and is there a compatibility issue ?


      This is the same question that in stackoverflow first