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PC not detecting installed video card (HD7570)

Question asked by mistermasada on Jun 22, 2014

Hello, I recently acquired a(n) Radeon HD7570 from a friend of mine, I had previously been running an HD5450. I get home after receiving the card and remove the 5450 and install the 7570, reinstalled my catalyst version (Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit) with firewall and antivirus deactivated, rebooted my PC, and I then open up catalyst and my only options are for adjusting my cpu's power usage, nothing at all related to the video card. I look around on some forums, update my Bios, reinstall catalyst about four more times, but to no avail, my PC still doesn't recognize the card at all. Steam won't recognize that I have a card installed, DirectX Diagnostics won't, nothing will.


If anyone has had similar issues or can shed some light on this, I would be very appreciative.


PS - I apologize If this was posted in the wrong place.