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hd4000 series and 5000 series split drivers (linux problem)

Question asked by xmesaj2 on Jun 22, 2014

I got a dual gpu setup on my laptop with hd4000 series and 5000 graphics cards (4250 and 5470). Using fedora 20, but any distribution I've tried had same issues. Xserver never works with my laptop when I install AMD proprietary drivers, I even tried CentOS (due to older packages) but that also wasn't so succesful so time to ask people responsible for splitting both cards drivers. First of all, I'm pretty sure it will get ignored as usual laptop talks, with response 'ask manufacturer" but my laptop wasn't even noted to be compatible with linux and manufacturer site has nothing linux related for it, I installed it myself as I like this OS. Not to say, its not just linux issue, Windows stopped working with release of 12.6 catalyst pack, last known working was 12.4 but was very laggy so 12.3 really was the last good one. Anyone can shine some light how I can get both working? It must work for both, no idea why exactly, looks like 4250 is integrated, and 5470 is switchable but both have to have correct drivers. So far I use opensource driver and I don't like it's 3d performance (wanted to play left 4 dead 2). Why 4000 series werent left together with 5000 when many laptops still have mixed graphics cards, and are pretty usable? Not saying about 5470, because it's not great but some higher numbered models, still good for gaming, mixed with older card are useless too. With current linux distros, changes to xorg-server, mesa, kernels, systemd there is probably no way of getting old drivers to work with linux unless I get EOL disto version from end of 2011/early 2012. Moving 5000 series down to legacy with 4000 is same issue because some latops were also mixed 6000 & 5000series. IMO best solution is bring 4000 series back to life from legacy. That's the problem of AMD, because green company still supports as old cards that AMD long time ago dropped. (just compare their 200 series vs AMDs hd4000 series)