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Compiling MemtestCL

Question asked by dasboogieman on Jun 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by dipak

Hi Everyone


Just to preface, I am an absolute noob, I've recently looked in to OpenCl simply because there was a flaw in one of my favorite tools for profiling the health of the AMD GPU's VRAM array. It's been a steep learning curve since I'm still even grasping the basics of C.

Anyway, the app is called MemtestCl, the original version was copyrighted and distributed by the FAH team at Stanford. However, it's pretty much been forgotten in the sands of time and doesn't actually work on anything more recent than the Tahiti generation.

An ex-member of the FAH team by the name of iHaque posted a fix for the issue and brought the source code under Open Source. However, I haven't been successful in following his instructions on compiling .exe with Microsoft VS2013 and I can't seem to contact iHaque.

I'm looking to compile the code for a Windows 7 x64 environment.

This is the link to iHaque's Github ihaque/memtestCL · GitHub


Any help with the compilation would be very much appreciated.


Thank you