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Running OpenCL SPIR programs on GPU

Question asked by hariseldon on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by hariseldon

Hi all,


as reported here: Re: Re: Standard Portable Intermedopencl_spir.hiate Representation (SPIR)

cl_khr_spir happears as an available extension for GPUs with the new OpenCL driver.

I am currently trying to generate spir programs using open-source LLVM.


These are my steps:

1) clang -x cl -O3 -target spir64 -include  opencl_spir.h -S -emit-llvm -fno-builtin -o - | llvm-as -o program.bc

2) I create the program from binary loading program.bc

3) I build the program using the option -x spir, as documented here: cl_khr_spir (although this does not affect the final error)


Then I get the following build error:


loadBitcode failed
Frontend phase failed compilation.
Error: Compilation from LLVMIR binary to IL text failed!


Is it currently possible to run SPIR programs on GPUs ?

What am I missing in my procedure ?

Is there some documentation on how to run SPIR programs ?


Btw, the same problem arises when compiling for the CPU (an Intel I7 in my case) using the AMD CPU runtime.


Thank you in advance.