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CopySubresourceRegion wrong behavior when populating a 2D texture array

Question asked by jbm on Jun 19, 2014



I'm trying to copy a bunch of 2D textures into some different positions inside of a 2D texture array using CopySubresourceRegion (DX11, PC) like this:


const UINT SubresourceIndex = D3D11CalcSubresource(0, ArrayIndex, 1);
Direct3DDeviceIMContext->CopySubresourceRegion(DestTexture2DArray, SubresourceIndex, 0, 0, 0, SrcTexture2D, 0, NULL);


It seems that the copy is always performed on the index 0 of the array (I double checked the result of  D3D11CalcSubresource and is ok)

I'm using an AMD HD Radeon 7800 graphics card. Is there any known issue for this particularly card?


As a quick test, I have launched the app using a different graphics card brand and the result was fine, so it seems more like a driver issue.


Thanks in advance.