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    Can't add breakpoints on OpenCL kernels (SIGPIPE)




      I'm trying to debug my OpenCL application but whenever I try to run the application with a breakpoint in an OpenCL kernel, it just stops with a SIGPIPE error. I then tried the AMDTeaPot demo, and the same thing happened. I'm attaching the two log files I get when I try to add a breakpoint to an OpenCL kernel with the AMDTeapot demo.


      My setup is:

      GPU AMD RadeonHD 7990 with fglrx driver version 14.10

      OS: A fresh installation of Ubuntu 64 Trusty (14.04)

      CodeXL version x86_64_1.4.5728



      Anyone knows how to solve this? Or maybe suggest a good Linux environment/distro to debug OpenCL?


      Thank you...


      Quick update:


      Accordingly to the Release Notes for the AMD Catalyst Driver 14.6, this is the version supported for Ubuntu 14.04 (AMD Catalyst™ 14.6 Beta for Linux). I removed the old driver (14.4) and installed the new 14.6, but the same problem remains.